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New Products

The amount of new products added to our range in recent months is an indication of the effort and commitment JTS puts in to continually improving it's product range.As an independent company we pride ourselves on our ability to source products from a wide range of suppliers and it is important that  we maximise this opportunity to present the most attractive, complete range of products possible to our customers. If you have a product you feel would benefit JTS or you know of any products you may feel would enhance our existing range please contact Mr Simon Hann on 01934 744951.

Opportunities at JTS

The current economic downturn and the effects it is having on the market place as a whole are not detering JTS from continuing to search for opportunities to grow and develop further. If anyone with experience of the snack food or sundries market is looking for work or thinking of changing their job at this time and feel that they may have something to offer JTS please feel free to contact Simon Hann on 01934 744951.

JTS would also like to talk to any other independent wholesalers and distributors in the market who may be in need of assistance as the market place gets harder to compete in. There may be ways in which JTS can assist and help strengthen companies as they compete with their big powerful nationwide rivals, strength in numbers is often the best way to compete. If you would like to discuss your business or the market in general please feel free to contact Mr Simon Hann on 01934 744951.

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